One On One Healing Session
1 hr

One-on-one sessions are an hour long phone session where Paul helps to achieve healing, earbuds are recommended as they help to relax hands-free for the hour-long session.


Sessions are phone call, Facebook messenger voice calls, or Skype audio calls. Video calls are not needed, due to most of the hour-long session will be in easy guided meditation with closed eyes.


Be sure when booking you leave your full name, preference for the call, (either Skype, Facebook, or messenger) and your contact information.

It is very important that when booking a session that you make sure that you adjust for the time difference for time zones in America and other countries. 

Some countries do not have zip codes as required while making payments through square, so the PayPal payment option is available. If you don't have PayPal, that's okay. There is still the option to use credit cards and debit cards as well.


All funds are received in US Dollars, be aware of this when making payments.