Paul WYrostek

Passionate About Healing Others

Paul Wyrostek is a spiritual teacher and channeler of healing that has been clearing the energy and bringing in healing light from the higher selves of his clients worldwide for well over a decade. Paul has a very powerful connection to universal oneness that is not easily explainable unless experienced. He's performed thousands of healing sessions that are all, in each, life changing. Guiding, healing, and teaching lightworkers and empaths as they awaken out of the third-dimension way of life.

From a very young age, he was fully aware of his gifts, which is not only a passion, but a path that was chosen for him before birth. He has a team of many beings of light that help empaths and lightworkers heal and teach to embrace their individual gifts. Light workers and empaths are on the front line, holding the light to this purging of darkness to the Ascension of mankind into the 5th dimension way of life. Paul is not only a spiritual teacher that does workshops and events, over the years he has become who he was destined to always be; a true healer of healers. Paul performs one-on-one sessions via phone, Facebook messenger, worldwide, and channels healing for workshops and events. as well as guiding and teaching from smaller to very large groups of people. One-on-one phone sessions are very powerful and life-changing experiences, each releasing a huge layer of attachments, blocks, trauma, cords, and many other things that keep empaths and lightworkers from experiencing a life of light, abundance, and their Divine path. Are you ready to embrace your light and divine purpose? If so, it's time to book a session and let the healing begin.