House & Land Purification
1 hr

The light from universal oneness shines brighter than ever before, and thousands of years of dark and lower astral energies are surfacing to be released and healed. Negative activity in souls in the Earth and in the lower dimensions will continue to be released as we, together with the Earth, transition into higher frequencies. Homes are a sacred space that should feel amazing and filled with light, House and land purifications are a great way to clear those lower astral energies, as well as the energy of arguments and history that can stick in the walls and foundation. House purifications consists of three days; a one-hour session with the owner of the home by phone the first day, and for the next two days I will channel an hour each day on my own without the client. It's also a great idea to have homes purified before moving or selling a house, not only to give the new owners of the home a love filled space of light. but also to clear all belongings, so that you do not take any lower energy to your new home. Having the home you're about to move into purified to release and heal all of the energies of previous owners is a great idea as well. House and land purifications are very powerful and beautiful experiences; it's time to make your house a home!